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Radiant Lighting Fireproof Dimmable COB Led Downlight

Radiant Lighting Fireproof Dimmable COB Led Downlight is replpacement for traditional halogen lamp, and it is widely used in hotel, house, office, parking lot, exhibition, club and other places that need indoor lighting.
Dimmable led downlight is a new type of lighting,with energy saving, low carbon, longevity, good color rendering,fast response speed and other advantages. Fireproof dimmable COB led downlight design more beautiful and lightweight. Radiant recessed dimmable led downlight is suitable for led mood lighting,led commercial lighting.


Main Features of Fireproof Dimmable COB Led Downlight:
Fireproof dimmable COB led downlight have high efficiency COB LED chip
Dimmable with most leading edge and trailing edge dimmers
White,chrome and brass finish options
Unique heat-sink design for excellent heat dissipation
Environmentally friendly,does not contain harmful substances
High efficacy, high illuminance, accurate beam angle makes comfortable illumination atmosphere
Refined components and design, guarantee a long life span of over 40,000 hours
Easy installation, for wide applications
Notes for safe using
1. Power must be cut off before installation, fix it on the position of installation holes, connection of the power supply must be sealed to prevent electric shock.
2. Please confirm the applicable power supply before using.
3. Operation against rules may damage your property even harm to your personal safety.

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