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Installation Difference Between Led Downlights and Led Spotlights

In home decoration, we often find ourselves confused when installing lights. It is difficult to install a lighting fixture that matches your favorite lighting fixtures. On the one hand, there are many kinds of lighting fixtures, such as ceiling lamps, chandeliers, Led downlights, and spotlights. Light strips, table lamps, etc., and popular users, low attention to the field of lighting fixtures, although everyone is very familiar with the lights, in addition, lighting fixtures do have certain skills.
In home improvement, Led downlights and spotlights are the most used, on the one hand, because the need for led downlights, spotlights, and other auxiliary lighting fixtures in the home, and the tube spotlights are not limited by the style of decoration, basically every decoration style is suitable for use Downlights and spotlights, all styles of food, so that the downlights, spotlights used most. Not only that, led downlights are also used in commercial establishments, and shopping malls, shops, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc. are all used. However, in the purchase, many owners do not know the same and the difference between the two, so here to share the similarities and differences between LED downlights and LED spotlights.


Downlights and spotlights, the structure is very similar, are composed of surface ring, lamp body, radiator, light source, power supply, etc. The installation method is mostly embedded installation, that is embedded in the ceiling, only the exposed ring, so do not damage The integrity of the ceiling, the room is also very neat.
Difference between installation of Led downlight and Led spotlight:
The installation of led downlights and spotlights is relatively simple, and generally, these installations are also done by professional decoration companies. The most important concern is the size of the opening, which is commonly used in home improvement is 3W or 5W LED tube spotlight, 3W hole is usually 7-9 cm, 5W hole is generally 9-10 cm. It should be noted that according to past experience, many homeowners are making detours in the size of the hole. It is still easy to open a small hole, artificial labor, and re-increase on the line. If the hole is large, the light will be installed. If you don’t go in, you only have to retreat and buy again, and the energy spent is not at all.

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