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How to Replace the LED Downlight When It is Damaged?

Led downlights are widely used in people’s lives. It used to be mainly used in some shops. In recent years, it has been widely used in many home renovations. Compared to other lamps, the decorative effect of the led downlight is more than practical. In spite of this, there are still many led downlights that are easily damaged during use. How should they be replaced when damaged?
1. If the LED downlight power supply is damaged, buy the power supply with the same parameters such as voltage and current, and replace it.
2. If the LED lamp is damaged more, and the damaged LED patch lights are concentrated in the same area, the damaged section can be cut off and re-welded.

3. If you have a certain basic knowledge of electronics, then buy the same type of LED lights, hand a soldering iron, re-welding. But then again, there are many LED SMD light elements on each LED light bar, one or two bad, no effect on the brightness.
4. In the LED lamp beads broken how to do this problem, we have to do according to what the situation is the corresponding measures, whether it is LED damage or drive power damage, for the sake of safety, it is recommended to go to a professional repair, when in use It is necessary not only to consider the influence of the heat emitted by the LED itself on the lamp, but also to consider the influence of the ambient temperature on the photoelectric performance of the lamp.

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